Purple Aura Quartz Keychain

Purple Aura Quartz Keychain


Royal Blue

Never lose your keys again with our newest keychain style. Flexible vinyl beads and gorgeous crystal aura quartz points with a star key ring.




The metallic shean on aura quartz energizes the stones outter energy field. Similar with the wearer, aura quartz stimulates our aura while the untreated inner quartz holds its same principles of healing and energy. The Shimmering rainbows increase the quartz's vibrations for healing the mind, body & spirit combination.


How the colors of aura quartz match up
White- Strengthening life force, a stone for transformation
Aqua- Aligning mind body and spirit, aids in communication
Pink- Manifest the highest and truest form of love, opens strength and purity
Blue- Burst of healing energy, facilitates regeneration
Purple- Centering and magnifying intentions, enlightening

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