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Amazonite & Kyanite Ceia Necklace

Amazonite & Kyanite Ceia Necklace

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Our one of a kind bohemian style necklaces range from 32-36" total length. An ever changing mix of crystal druzy, colorful agates and beautiful gemstones. Wear these alone or layer for a signature Luxa look.


Appearance vary slightly due to the nature of natural stones.

Material- 14k Gold Fill

Stone- Amazonite, Kyanite 

Length- 29" chain additional 2-4" with drop


Nurturing, Eloquence, Self-Love

Amazonite aids in finding a much sought-after truth and helps one open to true feelings. Soothes the emotional process of worries and fear, while building space for love. Supports spiritual healing by teaching us to follow our honest self.  Amazonite manifests and retains the pure energy of universal love. 

Chakra Heart & Throat


Visualization, Encouragement, Balance 
Kyanite has a tranquil and calming effect on the entire body. It’s known to clear blockages moving energy throughout the body while aligning all chakras. This stone is one of two that never accumulates or stores negative energy. Kyanite encourages self-expression, thus bridging the gap between different viewpoints and encouraging better communication. 
Chakra- Throat


We advise against wearing these metals in water. 

If you would like to customize options please email
Handmade in the USA

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