Ari Stud

Ari Stud

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Tabasco geodes are known as the worlds smallest geode formation. Thousands of sparkly druzy crystals adorn the inside of each geode. Agates overcome negativity, promote self acceptance and confidence.
Please note no two pair will be identical and within each pair of earrings they will have differences due to the nature of the crystals.

The Ari Stud is a great statement earring

Choose from the prong or smooth edge. Available in a variety of colors. Due to the unique nature of tabasco geodes each pair is one of a kind.

Your pair will vary slightly from the photos.

 To ensure the life of your Luxa studs, limit exposure to chlorine, showering or swimming in salt water.

Material- Gold plated brass. Nickle free.

Handmade in the USA

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