Howlite & Aquamarine Hope Necklace

Howlite & Aquamarine Hope Necklace

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Our one of a kind bohemian style necklaces range from 32-36" total length. An ever changing mix of crystal druzy, colorful agates and beautiful gemstones. Wear these alone or layer for a signature Luxa look.


Appearance vary slightly due to the nature of natural stones.

Material- 14k gold fill

Stone- Howlite, Aquamarine

Length- 29" chain additional 2-4" with drop


Attunement, Ambition, Wisdom

Howlite dissolves stress, allowing release from unhealthy attachments holding you back. Teaching patience through the centering of the mind to attain goals. Embraces the wisdom found in dreams. Howlite reinvigorates us by improving restful sleep and calming an overactive mind.  

Chakra Crown




Fearlessness, Talisman, Cleansing


Energy flows through Aquamarine, and at the same time brings structure ensuring balance and order are maintained. Its calming energies help quiet the mind, giving support to those overwhelmed with responsibility. A stone of courage soothing fears, clearing confusion, and creating space for widening the intellect. 


Chakra- Throat



We advise against wearing these metals in water. 

We never use nickel or lead in our metals

Handmade in the USA

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