Root Chakra Limited Edition Spring Box

Root Chakra Limited Edition Spring Box

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Our Spring Box is here and we're excited to bring you a box filled with crystal & reiki infused goodness! 
This box contains
  • Luxa Jewelry Energy Crush Stretch
  • Light & Keys Reiki + Crystal infused intention candles 100% paraffin-free natural soy wax, cotton wicks + the purest essential oils.
  • Luxa Light Celestial Fragrance a sampling of our newest collaboration  
Details on the Root collection
Stretch- Red Phantom Quartz 
*Vitality/Soul Connection/Creativity*

No. 1 Foundation Candle- The Foundation Candle has been made with the warming, natural oils of cedarwood, frankincense + cinnamon. It has been reiki charged with the intention of balance, grounding, stability, security + success. Balancing the root chakra stimulates the flow of energy through the whole body’s energy system.

Crystal Keys:

Fire Quartz stimulates the entire chakra system + transmutes negative energy.

Garnet balances + grounds energy, while increasing endurance.

Clear Quartz amplifies energy + the power of other crystals.

Celestial Fragrance- 1ml roll on samples
Sol Sandalwood☀️Citrus
Luna Vanilla🌙Floral 
All natural pure essential oils, crystal and reiki infused

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