Luxy Luxa Zodiac Charm Stacker

Luxy Luxa Zodiac Charm Stacker



Our favorite new stretch bracelets are meant to be stacked. Choose charms and stones to represent moment or people in your life.  
The Luxy Luxa collection features pave or rhinestone diamonds for a little bit of extra sparkle. 
The zodiac represents different traits and aspects allotted to it - the position of the sun, the planets (and other celestial bodies) in our solar system at the moment you were born will influence your full chart and make up the unique person that you are. Astrologers use this information to predict events and the personality traits of each of us.

Material- 14k gold plate anti-tarnish (4mm)

Handmade in the USA
We advise against wearing these pieces in the water to increase longevity

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