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No. 1 Foundation Candle

No. 1 Foundation Candle



Our No. 1 Foundation Candle is infused with the healing purpose of balancing the root chakra. The first chakra is located at the base of the spine and is associated with foundation, security, career + achieving goals. If you are feeling ungrounded, are starting a new project or wish to advance in the material areas of your life, this candle is for you.

The Foundation Candle has been made with the warming, natural oils of cedarwood, frankincense + cinnamon. It has been reiki charged with the intention of balance, grounding, stability, security + success. Balancing the root chakra stimulates the flow of energy through the whole body’s energy system.

Crystal Keys:

Fire Quartz stimulates the entire chakra system + transmutes negative energy.

Garnet balances + grounds energy, while increasing endurance.

Clear Quartz amplifies energy + the power of other crystals.



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