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No. 5 Expression Candle

No. 5 Expression Candle



Our No. 5 Expression Candle is infused with the healing purpose of balancing the throat chakra. The fifth chakra is located in the center of the neck and is associated with communication, vibration + freedom. If you would like to speak with more ease + grace, improve your decision-making skills or enhance your creative writing, this candle is for you.

The Expression Candle has been made with the soothing, natural oils of basil, peppermint + jasmine. It has been reiki charged with the intention of expression of clarity, integrity + truth. Balancing the throat chakra can lead to better self-expression and freedom, allowing you to cope better with all types of responsibility.

Crystal Keys:

Celestite supports clear communication, spiritual truth + inner peace.

Blue Chalcedony promotes emotional expression, generosity + kindness.

Clear Quartz amplifies energy + the power of other crystals.



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