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No. 6 Vision Candle

No. 6 Vision Candle



Our No. 6 Vision Candle is infused with the healing purpose of balancing the third eye chakra. The sixth chakra is located in the center of the forehead and is associated with dreams, intuition, intellect + personal magnetism. If you would like to ease mental stress, work with intuitive gifts or assistance in seeing the bigger picture in your life, this candle is for you.

The Vision Candle has been made with the deep, natural oils of myrrh, sandalwood, cedarwood + frankincense. It has been reiki charged with the intention of clear thought, imagination, perception + purpose. Balancing the third eye chakra releases stress, bringing order and clarity to your thoughts.

Crystal Keys:

Sodalite eases confusion + mental stress; aids in restful sleep.

Lapis Lazuli is used to assist in meditation; boosts psychic ability

Clear Quartz amplifies energy + the power of other crystals.



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