Namaste Peaceful Rose Quartz

Namaste Peaceful Rose Quartz



Delicate rose quartz, the "love" stone, is known for harmony, peace, calming, and compassion. Swirled with lovely rose kaolin clay, "Namaste Peaceful"will delight your senses with its almost sinfully captivating scent, a blend of citrus, berry, and rose, with soft notes of sandalwood and musk. Each bar is decorated with a genuine rose quartz and dusting of biodegradable glitter. It’s a little slice of heaven each time you shower or wash your hands. Pamper your skin with nourishing oils of organic olive, coconut, hemp seed, and argan. As bars are hand-cut, expect slight variations in weight, with each bar weighing approximately 4.5-5 oz. Each crystal will vary in size and may not be the one exactly pictured. Saponified organic oils and butters of olive, coconut, hemp seed, argan, castor seed; phthalate-free fragrance, sodium lactate, rose kaolin clay, biodegradable glitter, ethically sourced mica.

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