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Selenite & Hematite Soleil Stretch

Selenite & Hematite Soleil Stretch

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Selenite & Hematite

Luxa stretch bracelets are perfect worn alone or add a few to complete your stack.

All stones are natural and fit most size wrists.

We advise not playing or pulling bracelet to extend product life.

 Stones- Selenite & Hematite




Integrity, Consciousness, Restoration


Selenite instills a great sense of inner peace. With a focus on clarity of mind this mineral will cleanse stagnant air clearing your environmental surroundings. Referred to as liquid light, it is used for purifying and uplifting. The most positive benefit of Selenite is its ability to remove unwanted energy and replace it with positivity and light. 


Chakra- Crown


Handmade in the USA


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