The Gold Fill Difference

Myth- Gold Fill & Gold Plate are the same
Fact- Gold Fill has 100 times more gold than gold plate

The issue with gold plate

A very thin layer of gold over a base metal is so minuscule it can easily scratch and reveal the base metal underneath. Once scratched the color can change, irritate the skin and overall resembles an unfavorable appearance. 

The difference is in the manufacturing process

Gold plate is created with a process called electroplating. The negatively charged base metal reacts with the positively charged gold ion solution. With gold fill the base metal is sandwiched between two layers of gold ions. With heat present the rolled metal becomes bonded and creates a more durable product.


With any jewelry item it is VERY IMPORTANT to note your own PH levels will affect the conditions of the metal. This also means soaps, creams, perfumes will also affect the metal. Showering or swimming with your jewelry may not affect your friends but very well could affect yours, so we advise limiting exposure if you wish to keep your items in pristine condition. Tarnishing may be the result of gold fill items with increased exposure to these elements. 

 Trendy jewelry of the moment is most times gold plated, but we strive to always ONLY use 14k gold filled chain, wire and findings. Why? Because we love the unique pieces and stones and want them to last a lifetime. Gold filled materials are a more expensive product and we stand by using them to ensure a longer life of your items. We also strive to keep products affordable, so we will always list if an item is gold plated.


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