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the Star Major Arcana Tarot Necklace

the Star Major Arcana Tarot Necklace



Welcome to the world of tarot! There are no right or wrong meanings and the purpose is to help guide you through symbols and traditional interpretations of following lessons on the soul level. 
We've aligned each card to a chakra as well as highlighted a few of the many descriptors. Just as you don't judge a book by its cover don't let the name persuade you, each symbol has growth opportunities and positive messages for living a fulfilled life.  
These necklaces measure 20" long are durable 14k gold fill (won't tarnish) and feature a symbol correlating with each card. 
STAR #17
✨Wishes ✨Rejuvenation ✨Hope
You find yourself renewed with a sense of hope, contentment and inspiration the universe is truly in your favor. 
Chakra- Heart

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