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Luxa Little Ambassador Program

What is the Luxa Little Ambassador Program?

  • We value your continued interest and love for Luxa.  Without you we wouldn’t be where we are today and where we strive to be! As an ambassador you are essentially the face of Luxa. In exchange for free jewelry your excitement in engaging others about our brand and products in person, online and through social media helps us grow in the community.   

How much does it cost?

  • It is absolutely FREE! With the exception of shipping ($5) in order to process your enrollment or you can always choose the pick-up option at our store in Ipswich, MA.

How does it work?

  • Ambassadors receive a welcome box of jewelry upon enrollment in the program. As a Luxa Little Ambassador you will be given a unique code to share Luxa Little items with friends and family, via social media or person to person. 20% of all orders we receive with your unique code will be placed into the account on file. Credits on your account can be used on any item (outside of gift cards) on our website and brick and mortar store, as a thank you to you for speaking so highly of Luxa.  After the enrollment box, Luxa Little Ambassadors will be given product(s) from each collection release. You will be given a gift card value to select items from new releases. New releases are every 3-4 months. We will do our best to work within the details of the quiz you completed initially. Style type will vary based on availability and selection process.  The Luxa Little Ambassador program may change throughout the year and enrollment may vary based on availability. 

Why isn’t my code working?

  • Quarterly credits can be used on specific collections. We will email a link prior to the new release to let you know which items are eligible.

What can I expect?

  • You’ll receive an initial welcome box and referral code.
  • We will email you a gift card before a new collection releases with a dollar volume to select jewelry.
  • We will email you periodically as your referral code is used to inform you of the balance of your points to redeem.
  • Share on social media with hashtags #LuxaLittle #LoveMyLuxa

Why haven’t I received the gift card email for new collections?

If you have any questions please email us hello@luxajewelry.com We will respond to your within 48 hours. Our goal is to work with a diverse group of ambassadors and enrollment may vary collection to collection.

Do you currently have an ambassador program for adults?

  • We are working on this for the future!

Thank you for supporting the Luxa brand and our products!